Ayurveda believes that we have 2 types of constitution making us who we are today.

The Prakriti, or original constitution, is the constitution that we were born with. It comes from our generics, how our mum's pregnancy, what did she eat, what emotions did she go through, how was our parent's relationship during that time, what was the health status of both parents at the time of conception, what emotions did they go through at the time of conception, how was their lifestyle during the 9 month pregnancy etc. This is more or less our DNA. What we were born with.

The Vikriti is our today's constitution. Our prakriti will always stay the same, no matter what choices we make in our life, our original constitution will never change. However, our Vikriti will change. It is influenced by the choice we made: move country, take one or another job,travel to one or another place, eat one or another food etc. Any decisions we take on a daily basis is influencing how we feel today. It constantly changes. When we take an Ayurvedic test or Dosha test, we discover todya's constitution and the potential imbalances in our doshas, which we can balance out with the Ayurvedic toolbox: correct diet, lifestyle, yoga, massage and herbs. 

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