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Dosha means fault or imbalance. So this is important to understand that we cannot define ourself as Pita/Kapha "fault"when asking someone what are they in terms of doshas. But we can say my constitution is, and my imbalances are. 

The 3 doshas are a combination of the 5 basic elements, which we all have in our body. Space is everywhere in the body. This is the most important element.

Air element is mainly in the lungs, movement of the blood and heart, movement of the sensory functions, reflexes and in the nervous system.

Fire is in our digestive system (Agni = Digestive Fire), body temperature regulation, vision etc.

Water is mainly in the plasma of the blood, saliva, joints, lungs.

Earth is in the teeth, bones, cartilage, nails.

The 5 elements are combined in the body and form the Tri Dosha.


In general, Vata dominant people are likely to have cold hands and feet, dry skin, be thin,think fast, speak fast, can multitask and has a low physical endurance.


Pita dominant people are determined and ambitious personals. Pita dominant people might suffer from skin inflammation, acne, ulcers. Size wise, the Pita body constitution is tall. Pita dominant people are often hungry, drinks a lot, sleep a good 8 hours.


Kapha dominant people are gentle, patient, stable, have a pale skin, are slow and confident, don’t talk too much, sleep a lot, thick, oily hair, big eyes, cannot multitask, long term memory, don’t like cold weather, take time to made decisions.


Ayurveda aims at discovering what one’s constitution and dominant doshas are so that yoga, herbs, massage, nutrition and lifestyle can be used to re balance the body and mind. 

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