Ayurveda & Immune System:

The best way to fight a virus is to have a strong immune system. Ayurveda believes that by boosting our immunity, the body will be able to fight back against viruses and stay healthy.


Ayurveda believes that to be healthy we need to have a disease free mind as well as physical body. Without both of these, we cannot consider that we are healthy.


The first principle in staying healthy and have a strong immunity is to look after our physical but also our mental health. 


How to look after our physical health and have a strong immune system?


The general rule is to eat in accordance to our body's constitution and make sure we have a strong digestion. There are general dietary principles that apply to all of us, no matter what our body type

  • Consuming Ginger. Ginger Lemon Turmeric Tea to boost digestion

  • Drink Warm liquids throughout the day - Avoid cold drinks

  • Use Mild spices: Turmeric - Black Pepper - Garlic - Onions for strong digestion

  • Add Ghee / Oils to food to help elimination

  • Consume Green Bitter Vegetables to help the liver flush out toxins

  • Citrus to increase levels of Vitamin C

  • Intermittent fasting (Skipping Dinner or Breakfast) to rest digestion

How to look after our mental health and have a strong immune system?

  • Daily slow short walk outside in silence

  • Daily meditation. Sitting still. Listening to our thoughts. 

  • Mild physical activity. Don't drain yourself. 

  • Practice Yoga

  • Practice Pranayama - Breathing exercises

  • Take time for yourself, read, sing, dance, cook. To something you love

  • Speak to someone, laugh, ask for advise

No food has no Ayurvedic properties. Eat what you like. Just remind yourself to stay balanced and not over indulge. If so, sip Ginger Lemon tea which will help to eliminate what the body does not need. 


Focus on having a strong digestion and all systems in your body will be functioning perfectly, including your immune system!

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