Stress & Anxiety Management  with Ayurveda

Why do we experience stress? How to prevent stress? How to manage stress ? 


Stress is a psychosomatic disorder that has many causes in our life. 

It occurs in our brain triggered by physical, emotional, internal, external situation.


Our brain, when receiving a certain message does not know how to cope and often does not take time to analysis the situation and a mechanism of auto defense starts in our nervous system leading to immediate physical and mental discomfort

How to look after prevent the formation of stress?

First, is acceptance. Accepting that stress, positive and negative is part of our lives and will always be part of it. Many tools will helps us to reduce the effects of negative stress but not to avoid it entirely.

How to accept stress?

  • Daily meditation. Train your mind how not to stay calm

  • Practice of breath work - Pranayama

  • Observe your reactions, the stress triggers 

  • Understand your feel good tool. What do you like? What makes you happy? What relaxes you? 

Ayurvedic Diet recommendation to prevent / manage stress​:

  • Eating cooked warmed food

  • Eating slowly. Chewing

  • Sitting while eating

  • Eating in a quiet environment

  • Drinking Golden milk during the day / before bed

  • Chewing  3-5 almonds (soaked overnight) everyday on empty stomach

  • Cooking from scratch with fresh ingredients

  • Not banning ourselves from eating, from times to times, something we like 

  • Not forcing ourselves to eat things we don't like

Ayurvedic Yoga recommendation to prevent / manage stress​:

  • Inversions postures

  • Bridge pose

  • Child pose

  • Savasana

Ayurvedic Lifestyle recommendation to prevent / manage stress​:

  • Take time for yourself

  • Slow Down

  • Have a routine

  • Surround yourself with positivism

  • Don't suppress emotions: Cry, laugh, yawn

  • Write. 10 minutes a day. Anything


Ayurvedic  Massage recommendation to prevent / manage stress​:

  • Evening foot massage with oil

  • Head massage with oil

  • Full body massage once a week with oil

Hope this will help you to relax and let go.

Need advise? Need to discuss further? Want to understand how a tailored Ayurveda plan can help you to live more in harmony with yourself and your environment, get in touch.

Take care. Let go.