Ayurveda & Weight Loss:

According to Ayurveda, our body starts to gain / keep weight mainly when there is a Kapha imbalance in our doshas.

One of the main sign of imbalance of the Kapha dosha is the slow digestion and elimination, which  is the main cause of weight gain.

Here are a few tips to start the journey towards weight loss:

  • First thing in the morning always have a glass of warm water to activate digestion / digestive enzymes

  • Second drink to be warm fresh lemon + ginger tea

  • Avoid any cold drinks (juice, water etc) at any time

  • Sip warm water, tea during the day. Ideally fresh ginger lemon tea. 

  • If constipated / did not go to the toilet for a day, have 2 teaspoons of olive oil in the morning on empty stomach (lubricates GI track, helps evacuation, and weight loss

  • If not hungry, dont eat. Equally, dont starve yourself. Have fruits if hungry. Don't create stress! 

  • You can skip solid  breakfast or skip dinner if you wish. Don't skip lunch

  • Have lunch around 12 -1 when digestion is at the strongest

  • If having breakfast have around 9. If having dinner have around 7 - 8

  • Dont snack between meals. If hungry or want to eat something have fruits mid morning and mid afternoon. Dont have them as dessert directly after a meal as it will create bloating and gaz

  • Avoid dairy products (cheese, yogurt, milk, cream) 

  • Avoid alcohol and cigarettes

  • Avoid meat, fish, eggs (harder, longer to digest). If having, have at lunch time.

  • Be patient! It takes times for the body to cleanse and eliminate. At least 15 days!

If you would like to understand your body constitution and have a full Ayurvedic consultation, please get in touch 

Take care